The 4-th Drupal Linux Sysadmin Training Course we run is over

Submitted by admin on Fri, 06/29/2018 - 05:41

The latest Drupal Linux Sysadmin Training Course we run is over.

Out of 15 entrants, 2 trainees completed the course, one a graduate of the Krasnodar College of Electronics and Engineering and the other a 4-th year student at the Kuban State University.

The course covered the following aspects of administrating and supporting infrastructure underlying Drupal-powered web projects:

  • Using the ISPManager.
  • Setting up Nginx, Apache / Php-fpm.
  • Using Varnish.
  • Setting up mail servers, spam protection.
  • Drupal profiling with Xdebug and Xhprof.
  • Using Memcache to boost Drupal.
  • MySQL performance optimization.

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